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is a California based company that grew out of a production company owner's search for a better way to transfer clients' small gauge film to tape and Final Cut Pro for editing and DVD production.

Sending one client's film out for transfer sparked the search, and led to trying a succession of methods, all of which left something to be desired, in terms of quality, workflow or cost.

In September 2006, the flashscan was mentioned on the discussion list of the Association of Moving Image Archivists by respected archivist and cinema lecturer
Dr. Leo Enticknap. That mention spurred Ted Langdell to look further, and he discovered a number of satisfied users in Europe, but only one user in the US.

A brief meeting at NAB 2007 with the sales manager of flashscan's manufacturer led to Ted Langdell Creative Broadcast Services being named the MWA Nova product representative for the US and Canada.

Owner Ted Langdell developed flashscan8.us to help other people discover the benefits he and other world-wide flashscan users have experienced with this unique system and its real-time, proven technology.

Ted and MWA Nova engineer Klaus Bellroth introduced flashscan to North America  via demonstrations at the 2007 AMIA Conference in Rochester, NY.

The reception was overwhelmingly positive, and generated a good deal of interest, and a sale this spring to a major government archive. More on that when completed.

Schedule an appointment to see transferred footage from our 8/Super 8, 16mm and 35mm digital scanning systems.

Please e-mail or call if you have questions about flashscan, the MWA Nova product line or would like to learn more about how to put these productive tools to work for you.


Ted Langdell,